Free Backlinks Without Link Building

Free Backlinks Without Link Building

Free Backlinks Without Link Building

How To Get Backlinks Without Asking For Them

Another excellent video from Hasan at Hasan is one of the best, no hype, he’s honest, and puts out very useful content.We highly recommend him.

If you know SEO, you know that backlinks are a must to get ranked by Google.

You also know that getting backlinks is not easy. Hasan provides you with a quick approach – so watch the video to learn how.

Best Free High PR Blog Submission Sites 2022
Best Free High PR Blog Submission Sites 2022

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Get Free Backlinks Without Link Building!

Apr 5, 2022


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Free Backlinks Without Link Building



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so you got uh 41
142 backlinks from one simple hack
please share
what was it hi everyone i remember that
day when i watched neil patel’s video
about building and getting backlinks
without link building when i first
watched the video i think about it it’s
somehow weird it looks weird but i apply
the strategies i added some spices my
own spices and today i have more than 52
000 backlinks on my main website and
more than 190 000 backlinks on my second
honestly i never ever reached out to
someone and asked for a backlink all
these backlinks were built organically
it’s building backlinks without building
backlinks now in case you’re a beginner
just in 30 seconds what is a backlink
it’s simply a link from other websites
to your website it is that simple how
this helps it simply tells google and
search engines that your website has
something valuable and people are
linking to so they will give you a
higher rank more backlinks increase your
website rank and obviously this will
help you get more organic traffic from
search engines so link building is
something really important when it comes
to seo and ranking on google to get free
organic traffic but the problem is
usually when you want to build backlinks
we have to go and search for websites
and our niche and then we have to
collect emails validate emails write
email copies use outreach tools send
emails follow up ask for the backlink
and you usually get response like 10 out
of 1 million or something so today
i will share with you an alternative
getting a lot of backlinks without the
outreach process without link building
and begging people to link to your
website now to be honest with you what
i’m going to share with you in this
video is not a magic trick or something
you can apply in two or three days and
you see these results of course no here
i’m sharing with you real strategies
real experience that requires hard work
and patience but at the same time it
gives you awesome results so if you are
still here watching it means you are
serious in growing your business and i
really appreciate that you are still
here so what’s the idea it’s simply
about building a valuable resource a
valuable thing that when people see they
will automatically
link to they will feel that they must
link to it’s very valuable this is the
idea let me give you some examples from
my own websites and from my own business
if you go to hdk to download section you
will see i have ebooks i have
applications and i have checklists so i
create free valuable ebooks this is a
resource people will love to link to the
second thing is applications i build
free applications free powerful
applications like this if you are
following me i build a super email
validator which is totally free can
download it so when someone in the email
marketing niche finds this free software
they will love to link too also i have a
super email sender which is also totally
free when they see it they will link to
other type of resources is what we call
checklist or cheat sheets so i built
this 100
free seo checklist people can simply get
here and clone it and use it to rank
higher on google with this checklist
when someone in the seo niche see this
checklist they would love to link to and
share with the audience let me show you
another example like maybe one year ago
i published this website seo analyzer
dot m e this is a simple tool allows
anyone to scan their website for seo
issues it’s totally free just think
about it if you are now in the seo niche
and you find this tool don’t you share
it with your audience to help them use
free tools of course yes and that’s
exactly what happened look at this
website you can see now the traffic in
less than one year i reached 2 000
visits per month do you know what
happened how this happened i didn’t
promote this website simply one big
youtuber shared this with the audience
that’s all people who start sharing
these content these tools these services
these valuable things with their
audience and they will link back to your
website this is how it works another
example i build eight super tools you
know it’s super tools all free tools
think about it when you see this website
like the free content generator tool
free ai content generator tool and you
are in the blogging niche you are in the
ai niche whatever you will love to share
this with your audience i think you got
the idea i even built the backlinks
checker here so you can enter your
domain and check for backlinks go and
test it it’s totally free i also
published this website fast domainer
like two months ago and by the way all
these tools i simply bought from
scripts ready for you to publish and use
you can find something in your niche and
try to link it under a subdomain and
then people will start to link to this
free valuable tool you can see here is
the seo analyzer this tool is this
script i bought it and fast domainer is
the script domain tools i voted and
hosted and link it back to my website
other important valuable resource or
content you can create is an article but
not any article think about case studies
and data studies if you go to my website
and search for case
study you will see i have a lot of case
studies here so people love to share
real case studies people did something
they will share the results with the
audience this is important or something
based on data studies as an example like
three weeks ago i shared with you a
video where i am collecting search
results from google to analyze it and
share the results these data studies are
very important and by the way you don’t
need to go with a big budget or do this
by your own you can simply check and do
a research on different websites let’s
say you are in the programming niche
okay you can do a simpler study on the
salaries of different programming
languages in the last 10 years you can
collect this data organize it and you
can share this in infographics
infographics are very important now i am
preparing a lot of infographics to grow
my business with i have a plan now
dedicated for infographics so i believe
you got the point i gave you a lot of
examples on how you can create valuable
piece of content that people will love
to link to without begging them or
without even reaching out or anything
whenever they see it they will link to
now of course someone in the comments
will pop up and tell me hey you create a
valuable tool how people will know about
it nobody knows about it here’s comes
step number two in this strategy in this
process is telling people about this
tool here you have to make use of the
snowball effect you will go every single
day you have to be consistent here every
single day for one hour maximum of two
hours you will talk about your resource
on quora on reddit of course without
spamming maybe you should on social
media if you have an email list you send
an e-newsletter push notifications maybe
paid ads if you have a budget whatever
just do some brand awareness and let
people know about this thing that you
created and you will notice in a couple
of months how this small snowball will
start to grow and grow and grow and you
will see how the number of backlinks
will start to increase to your website
and the rank of your website will start
to be higher and you see the organic
traffic organic growth free
traffic and to help you you can go now
and check my video about getting traffic
this mastery course on getting traffic
so create the content get traffic and i
will be waiting for your success stories
on my email hassan
see you later