This Hack Will Double Your Website Traffic

This Hack Will Double Your Website Traffic

This Hack Will Double Your Website Traffic

With More Traffic Comes More Revenue

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Here is a great idea which is often overlooked.

This Hack Will Double Your Website Traffic

1 Hack That Will Double Your Website Traffic and Revenue!

May 3, 2022


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In This Video, You Will Learn One Of The Best Growth Hacking Strategies! βœ… Build an Online Business With Me πŸ‘‰… βœ… Youzer Plugin: πŸ‘‰ βœ… Forum Spam Best Practices πŸ‘‰… βœ… Subscribe to get all updates: πŸ‘‰… βœ… Join Our Telegram Channel πŸ‘‰ Time Stamps: What We Will Do 0:00 Step 1 Install The Plugin 0:27 How does This help? (Important) 2:15 Step 2 Protect From Spam 5:06 Enable Signups 7:58 Add Some Forums 8:14 Step 3 Grow (Most Important) 9:53 Copyright Β© H-educate. Any reproduction or illegal distribution of the content in any form will result in immediate action against the person concerned. Primary Author and Founder of H-educate: Hasan AboulHasan Contact Email: DISCLOSURE: Some of the links here are affiliate links. This means that I may earn a commission at no additional cost if you click through and make a purchase. These commissions help me create free valuable videos like these. #websitetraffic #growthhacking #workfromhome

This Hack Will Double Your Website Traffic


This Hack Will Double Your Website Traffic


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did you know that with one simple hack

on your website you can get more free

traffic increase your revenue by two

three times at least in this video i

will show you step by step how to

implement this hack secure it promote it

and implement the best practices to get

the best results out of this video and

based on more than three years of

experience implementing these techniques

let’s start step number one in your

website go here to plugins and click on

add new plugin by the way if you are new

here a couple of months ago we started a

full new series on how to build an

online business from scratch and we

built this website i am

building it with you from scratch so if

you are new here go and follow up with

us the only one serious on the internet

that builds a business with you from

scratch anyway in the plugin section

inside wordpress we are going to install

a forum plugin a plug and it allows us

to add a forum to our website we have

out of plugins if you search here for

forum we have wp photo we have bbpress

we have asgaros volume we have a lot of

plugins to do this job in our case we

will go with wp photo install now if you

are wondering why wp photo simply

because on my main website i am using

this awesome plugin now for more than

two three years and we have more than

sixty thousand posts more than forty six

thousand members so i used it it’s

perfect it’s free so i will share with

you this experience to give you the best

out of this video if you are comfortable

with other plugins you can do it but in

my case i want to share with you

something based on real experience

activate this plugin and now simply if

you open your website again and go here

to com unity you will see we have a

forum in our website awesome it’s empty

we fill it right now don’t worry this

technique allowed me to increase my

traffic and revenue i at least 30

so i think it deserves some patience a

couple of minutes only to follow up to

understand the idea before we go to step

number two maybe you are asking okay how

the forum how this tweak how this hack

will help number one is seo traffic if

you go here to my google search console

to my website in the last 16

months you will see the chart how it’s

growing i got more than four million

impression and around 285 000 clicks

visits from google totally for free if

you go here to queries and start moving

around you will see a lot of keywords

here that i’m ranking with on google or

keywords from the forum so number one it

will help you get free traffic from

google number two if you open any of

these forms right now and go here and

add a topic let’s say example topic and

let’s say someone on your forum a

visitor is asking you a question about

web hosting and let’s say he asked me

which vps service is better contable or

walter look at this if i post this at

topic you will see now automatically

these will turn into affiliate links so

anyone writing on this forum posting on

this forum and using some keywords these

keywords will automatically be linked to

your affiliate links and you can earn

commissions when someone clicks let me

show you this like on vaulter if i go

here to referral program payouts you

will see these are my payouts from

walter fritz program only and if you are

following my affiliate marketing

tutorials maybe you saw my affiliate

marketing table here you can see i

joined more than 85 affiliate network

and all these are spread all over my

website especially on the forum with

auto linking so this is very important

to increase your affiliate commissions

also you can sell ad spaces on this

forum or monetize with ads so you can

make more revenue number three that the

forum will be really a valuable resource

for people to give more value to your

visitors it’s very important like in my

case on hdk i provide free support it

requires some more work i know but on

the long term it allows you to build a

strong relation with your audience

provide them value and you’ll notice how

many backlinks you will get how much

traffic you will get how much revenue

you will get and how much authority

you’ll get with this forum number four

which is optional later on you can

implement a paid membership on your

website like to use this plugin and to

add premium forums where you can provide

premium support to your visitors with a

premium monthly or weekly membership

anyway i think this is more than enough

to convince you to implement this on

your website and you have to because

it’s very important even if you have an

e-commerce website a blog whatever you

have a forum is very important let’s go

now to step number two if you notice

here the first thing it tells you

protect your forum from spam user

registrations so step number two is to

protect your forum from scammers and

spammers and this is very important to

do this you can go to anti-spam tab and

the google recaptcha and what’s nice the

wp photo has all the options to protect

your forum we have the recaptcha options

here and we have the spam control it

will tell you here install akismet aki

smith is a plugin which you can use for

free to protect from scam comments and

posts so go here again add a new then

you find akismet on top of wordpress

install now activate stop your xmit

account get personal which is free spam

protection slide this to zero dollars

enter your email address for now we

don’t have any ads or products when you

have a business you can upgrade to

premium axismet if you want continue

enter site url here and continue let’s

get the confirmation email

here we are paste it continue great we

got an api key i will copy it and then

go here enter the api key and paste

connect let’s go back here to wp forums

here to tools then go here to anti-spam

it says aki smith is enabled enabling

for spam control yes you can play with

these metrics if you want i will keep a

link in the description to show you the

best practices from wp photo if you want

then we have the captchas so let’s get

one create a new captcha paste website

domain recaptcha version two not a robot

checkbox add your domain again here

accept the terms submit and now copy

side key paste here and copy secret key

and paste here it’s super simple and

update your options and here we are you

can play with these options if you want

depending on your own scenario so we

applied both google recaptcha and

accessment to protect from spammers and

scammers if you go here back and refresh

everything is fine one last thing if you

want to get the best protection level on

your forum i advise you to turn on

manual approval especially at the

beginning so you need to approve every

single post manually i do this till now

on my forum even though i get hundreds

of posts every month and sometimes

thousands so if you want to be on the

safe side make sure to turn this on and

approve post every single day manually

to be on the safe side your forum will

be a target for scammers and spammers

i’m talking based on more than three

four years of experience believe me if

you don’t secure a forum it will be full

of spam and they will destroy your

website step number three is to make

sure you allow sign up on your website

in the settings section in general go

here and then click anyone can register

save changes and now people can sign up

and engage in your forum now let’s add

some forums go here to forms section and

simply click on add and let’s say here

email validation technics or whatever

publish very nice so now we have two

forums if you go here and refresh you’ll

see we have the main forum and the email

validation techniques if you open any of

these forums you can add a topic users

can engage at topics and so on so go and

fill it with your own topics like in my

case on h3k if you go here to forums you

will see i have all these forum topics

where people can click and then they

have some sub forums engage in so go and

add all the forums in your niche

depending on your website now maybe if

you checked my website and you went to

the account section you saw this profile

section the activity friends this

community also we have groups members

and so on if you are wondering how to

integrate this in your website and how

to add these functionalities you can

simply install some membership plugins

in my case i am using a plugin called

usify or user plugin i will keep adding

a description if you want to get this

plugin also you can install and

integrate this forum with body press if

you go to plugins add a new and go here

to body press this is a free plug and it

allows you to add a community feature

like groups members conversations and so

on like here in my website we have some

groups you can see like facebook groups

or a space or something you can add this

functionality also to your website this

is optional and out of the scope of this

video now step number three which is the

most important how to promote and grow

this form please focus very well because

it’s the most important part in this

video at the beginning when you publish

this forum it will be empty and maybe

you don’t have enough visitors enough

traffic to make users fill it so what i

did at the beginning is i filled this

form with common questions and answers

you can go here to age super tools seo

questions explorer tool and find what we

call long tail question keywords example

if you go here and search for email

validation and click on search now this

tool will give you some questions like

how email validation works so you copy

this question you go here and you add a

topic you paste it and you answer this

question this will help you rank on

google with these long tail keywords so

do some keyword research with hcp tools

free keyword tool also you can use the

keyword research tool you can also use

the youtube keyword tool to get some new

ideas or simply use google suggestions

let’s say you go to email validation

let’s say services and google now will

give you some suggestions if you go down

here we have some suggestions here you

can also find these keywords long tail

keywords with low difficulty and post

questions and answers on your forum at

the beginning i know it requires some

work on time but this is very important

to fill your forum with some valuable

information so when someone lands on

your forum he can read some questions

some answers and engage with these posts

number two is to check your competitors

go here to find a and you can find a lot of

forums on the internet in your niche you

can go to forum niches let’s say in

internet marketing in my niche and you

will see a lot of forums here you can

open any of these forums and study your

competitors this is very important

analyze what your competitors are doing

if you go here to this website to this

forum you will see the topics they are

using how many users threads what kind

of topics how they are monetizing also

what you can do is you can use this

extension called similar web to analyze

the traffic of this website now in this

case we don’t have data about it but you

can go here to similar and then

simply write down the website you want

to analyze let’s say you want analyze my

website h click on the website and

see your competitors from where they are

getting traffic from which countries

from which sources for like in my case

from google what categories do some

analysis here and you can replicate

their strategies to grow your own forum

and number three is to use my top three

growth hacking strategies that i

explained in this video in detail go

watch it implement and grow your

business if you have any questions i’m

waiting for you on my forum see you