Unlimited Free Traffic To Earn 744 Week

Unlimited Free Traffic To Earn 744 Week

Unlimited Free Traffic To Earn 744 Week

Don't Pay For Traffic This Is Free

Incognito Money puts out some good info, but we like him because some of his ideas are ingenious.

Make Money Fast No Experience Needed



Unlimited Free Traffic To Earn 744 Week



Unlimited Free Traffic To Earn 744 Week


Small Business Info Site: SmallBizKickstarter.com

Business Info Site: DiversifiedBusinessOnline.com

Business Funding Site: DiversifiedBusinessFunding.com

Affiliate Marketing Site: NewWorldMktg.com

in this video i’m going to show you how

to get unlimited amounts of free

targeted traffic just by copy and

pasting my laser targeted script that’s

designed to convert this traffic into

sales and make over 700

per week on clickbank even if you never

made any money online before what’s

going on again your friend it’s eric

here in today’s video i want to share

with you my number one free traffic

method that you can actually use to

start generating sales in as fast as 24

or 48 hours even if you never made money

online before now the best part about

this video and this method is at the end

of the video i will share with you a

copy and paste script that does all the

work for you because a lot of people are

using these free traffic sources like

okay i get some free traffic but not

using this copy and paste script that i

created specifically for you guys you

can get a lot of high quality traffic

that’s going to convert into sales so

even if you’re going to get like 10

clicks per day which is not a lot but a

lot of these clicks are going to convert

into sales and at the end of the day

it’s about how much money you’re going

to make per day and not how many free

clicks per day you get if you don’t get

paid for them anyways quick thing before

we get started if you’re new to the

channel welcome on this channel i post

daily videos showing you how to make

money online completely for free the

only thing that i’m kind of asking you

to do is to please smash the like button

subscribe hit notification bell and also

comment down below anything for a chance

to win one of these 100 vouchers when we

get to 1 000 likes we are super close to

70 000 let’s go and let’s get to 100k

anyways let’s get started with today’s

method so what you want to do is step

number one is you want to go to

clickbank.com and you want to create

your free account okay for this one we

are looking for an affiliate offers just

head over to clickbank.com and sign up

for a free account if you haven’t

already obviously most of you have done

so this is what you want to do you want

to come to the dashboard this is where

you land on but you want to come to

actually to the marketplace section okay

go to the marketplace section

which is kind of brand new recently has

been revamped then what you want to do

is on the left-hand side go to

e-business and e-marketing section and

you want to pick up a product now for

this one i i’m going to recommend the

first three products because these are

the ones that i have created the custom

script for so if you are looking to just

copy and paste and don’t really do a lot

of work then just use these three offers

okay so let’s go with i don’t know live

chat jobs click on promote and you want

to create a hop link right here and you

want to copy it now next thing you want

to head over to catholic and you want to

shorten this link okay now cutley is a

free link shortener that’s pretty much

looking very nice and it’s different

than bigly so we are going to be using

this one okay now it’s going to shorten

in just a second and as you can see

this is going to be your affiliate link

so when you’re going to click on it then

it should take you to the sales page of

the offer now these offers are geo

targeted so the little country right

there is going to be for everybody where

they are from which is pretty cool it’s

going to increase the conversion rate

now you can see live chats assistant

hiring now 25 35 per hour these are kind

of the numbers you want to be also

optimizing when you are going to be

posting this script but anyways next

step what you want to do is you want to

come to the affiliate page so live chat

jobs now the affiliate page is

right here okay back in the day it used

to be right where you could actually

write something but right now it’s right

below the promote so click on the

affiliate page and you are going to be

taken to this section right here okay

then you want to scroll down and down

and the part that we are looking for

right here are these banners okay high

converting banners you can see get paid

to do simple jobs now in case you are

not going to have access to these kinds

of banners like there are for these

affiliate offers then all you have to do

is just head over to the canva and you

want to create a design actually and you

want to use 1080

times 1080 okay so i don’t see that

there so custom size 1080 times 1080

okay this is the customer resolution we

are going for and click on create a new


then once it’s going to load up all you

have to do is just pretty much go to the

search templates and you want to pick up

any of these templates that you kind of

like so i’m going to go for a job offer

these ones are the ones that you want to

go for and you want to pick up one of

these okay now these are pro you can

really do those but you can use these

ones okay so for example let’s go for

this one and now you want to just

customize it so we are hiring we want to

put here 25 to 35 dollars per hour

that’s from the sales page so you want

to make it congruent and then right here

open position you want to write here

this live chat assistant so just copy

for example this part and then you want

to make this one a bit bigger so people

are going to see that and then

change the setting right here just like

here but because it’s non-readable click

right here on effects right here and


again click there and then you want to

click on the background so it’s going to

add a little background to the text okay

so it’s actually readable and then just

like uh position it just like this and

then right here where it says uh the

logo you just want to put here the name

so social sales rep


social sales rep and this is pretty much

what we have just created so open

position we are this is pretty much

simple okay this is what you want to do

when you don’t really have access to the

banners okay it looks like this image is

actually paid one so we are just going

to delete it i don’t want to be paying

for this image the the name of the game

to use is to use free traffic okay so

this is going to work just like it is if

it’s going to have a paid image you just

want to make sure you are not going to

be using that and then just customize it

just like this okay and if it’s going to

right here show you that there is some

premium design just delete it and you

are able to download this image for free

now what you want to do is you want to

come to facebook and you want to search

for work from home united states and you

want to select facebook groups okay now

there’s 100 000 members just in this

group 41 here 125 hundreds of thousands

of free traffic that you can actually

capture using the script that i’m going

to show you in just a few seconds so

what you want to do is just for example

join any of these we are going to go for

the first one then you want to add the

image so it’s going to look something

like this you can see it’s pretty high

quality and now here’s cam actually the

done for you script okay it’s going to

be a two-part script because we want to

make sure this is going to be working

very well now the first part of the

script is this one it’s called facebook

group post for engagement we are looking

for five highly motivated individuals

from united states that’s why we are

using the united states group that

already turn over forty dollars per hour

from social media now this can be social

media this can be live chat job this can

be right to re-reuse or any of these

three offers forty to two hundred

dollars per day just just copy this okay

just copy it and this is pretty much

designed to get you engagement okay to

get engagement on the post then once

everybody is going to be engaging on

your post so this is how it’s going to

look like when they are going to raise

hand that they would like to do this you

want to just reply to them hey thank you

for showing interest if you’d like to

join our case study please follow the

link below for more information learn

more here this is where you’re going to

copy your cuddly link

so it’s going to show up on facebook and

also add this note if you want to earn

over 300 in the next 30 days we are

going to pay you back all the expenses

this is the game changer because the

offer has a 30 or 60 day i believe 60

day actually no questions asked money

back guarantee and then if they are

going to earn 300 or even like 100 or 50

dollars they can ask for their money

back and even if they are not going to

do anything they can ask for the money

back so this is like a different angle

how you are positioning the promotion so

then when somebody is going to actually

comment because there’s going to be a

lot of people commenting on this because

there’s no link right here all you have

to do is just reply to them and pretty

much add this there so hey thank you for

showing interest learn more here and

this is the note and this is much all

you have to do even if you get like 10

people these are 10 people are

interested in joining this program they

see there is no risk they are going to

give it a try and if they like it they

will stay and if not they will just

refund and that’s how you can make a lot

of money just join multiple groups

create multiple posts and use multiple

niches and instead of just making like

50 or 100 dollars you can make a couple

thousand dollars every single week just

from this free traffic and that’s it

guys i hope you enjoyed today’s video

let me know what you think about it in

the comment section below now the link

to this document is going to be at the

bottom of the video description other

than that thanks for watching and if

you’d like to see how i make over 15 000

per month just from affiliate marketing

without ever showing my face being

completely incognito check out this

video right here which is going to show

you the entire system that i’m using

myself thank you and i’ll see you in the

next one bye for now