Use AI To Write Blog Post 10 Minutes

Use AI To Write Blog Post 10 Minutes

Use AI To Write Blog Post 10 Minutes

Get Your Blog Posts Out Fast

Need to get out lots of Blog Posts in a short time? This is your answer. AI is the future in content production.

Use AI To Write Blog Post 10 Minutes

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Write A Blog Post In 10 Minutes With AI 100% Free

Apr 19, 2022


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Use AI To Write Blog Post 10 Minutes



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you don’t like writing articles or maybe
you don’t have the time to do so and you
don’t have the money to invest on
writers that’s fine today in this video
i will show you step by step how to
craft and write the best article in a
couple of minutes and for free and even
if you are not perfect in english
like me this video will definitely help
you so step number one is to create a
new empty post if you are inside
wordpress go here post add a new open a
new google document wherever you are on
blogger wordpress just open a new empty
document to write our article step
number two is you have to choose the
topic title and the target keyword of
your article so in my case for example i
will be writing about affiliate
marketing tips so this is the topic of
my article the second
step is to write or craft the title of
the article so we need to enter
the title of course you can sit down and
start thinking about catchy titles
optimize for seo whatever but to help
you you can go here to h super tool my
free platform go here to youtube ai
title generator it’s for youtube videos
but it will help you a lot to craft new
titles and get some ideas this tool will
generate some titles based on keywords
with the power of artificial
intelligence i will sign in it’s totally
free by the way just go here i say
tips or something generate another tool
will give you some ideas let’s wait a
little bit the ultimate guide to
affiliate marketing tips and tricks how
to become successful affiliate marketer
in 10 minutes so you see we are getting
some catchy titles for our article let’s
say i picked this one and by the way
before i pick this you can simply click
generate again if you didn’t like those
and see another list of titles you can
see here i will pick this one i like
more so this is the title five essential
tips for becoming a successful affiliate
marketing marketer sorry then we have
the focus
keyword what is the focus keyword it is
simply the keyword we are targeting with
seo let’s explain this in 30 seconds if
you go here underpin and when someone searches for
something as an example for affiliate
marketing tips this is called a keyword
people are searching for so in my case
for example i can target this keyword if
i say now enter you will see a list of
articles i want my article to rank on
top of google for this keyword i have
search volume 320 let’s see the
competition i will copy this keyword go
again to age super tools seo keyword
research tool open it it’s also free
paste it here then select the country if
you want like in the us or global let’s
say global now and say search and you
will see the monthly search volume you
will see the related keywords you will
see seo difficulty 57 that’s okay and so
on also you can get some ideas if you
want to change the keyword so let’s say
i picked up affiliate marketing tips of
course just a small note you need to
optimize the title also for this keyword
i’ll talk about this in a little bit
just follow up with me the third step is
to craft the outline of the article let
me show you how to do also this for free
again go to hcpotools one tool that has
everything go here to ai outline
generator and here again i will copy the
topic affiliate marketing tips paste it
here generate let’s wait a little bit
and here we are we got a full outline
for every paragraph what’s affiliate
marketing how it works different types
success whatever so you can copy or
simply generate again if you didn’t like
this one you can edit it tweak it
whatever you want let’s copy this one
six paragraphs so paste it here and the
seventh is the conclusion or if you want
tldr okay
so we have now the outline we have the
title the outline now we need to create
a paragraph based on each heading in the
outline so this is heading one
how to do it copy this go again to hcp
tools go here to ai content generator
again a free content generator paste the
topic here select the maximum number of
words let’s say 150 and intelligence
level three it’s okay generate let’s see
what the i will do now by the way i will
tell you the secret behind these tools
the content generator what is ai and how
they work in the back end so stay tuned
i will reveal some secrets in a little
bit so you can see here this is a title
what’s affiliate marketing and this is
the paragraph let’s copy it go here and
paste under this now we have the first
paragraph again you can copy the second
one third one and generate paragraphs
for each heading since you are working
with a i even if you are not in a
technical field i believe you need to
understand how the ai works in just a
couple of seconds ai stands for
artificial intelligence so how it works
simply we train the machine that we
train the computer with a lot of
articles a lot of content we train it
train it train again and again until the
computer will be able to craft and
create and write articles by itself as
you can see here so it’s about machine
learning if you had this term before
machine learning we are teaching the
machine how to do something by training
it then it will be an ai model an
intelligent pc that can do things like
in our case writing articles and if you
had about jasper for example this
service it’s one of the top services
used for content generation to write
articles ad copies whatever you want
with the power of ai you can see you can
start with 29
and if you want to test this service i
will leave a link in the description
where you can get a trial to test it for
free just to play with it and see how it
works but we don’t need it for this
tutorial we are working with eight super
tools totally for free i mentioned it
just in case you don’t know how things
work in this way we can write the
article is this enough of course no if
you want to give real value to your
visitors if you are building a blogging
business a blog you have to add your own
touch on this article how i will mention
now two things number one is you can go
here to websites like sta
tista this website will give you a lot
of statistics about a lot of things
worldwide you can get statistics from
this website and use it inside your
article this will add a lot of value to
your post the second thing is to add
your own experience your own case study
so you can add some paragraphs that
personalize the article in this way you
will add a lot of value to your readers
try your best to do this now let’s
secrets if you go here open a new tab
and we go here to open then
go here to api and go and sign up i will
log in now with my account what’s up in
ai it’s an ai project that will help
anyone build content generating tool
based on what we call gpt
model forget about all these terms let’s
see now the power of this ai model if
you go to the playground and by the way
when you sign up you will get a lot of
free credits you can test it for free
and let’s say here generate
marketing for example
click here submit and you can see it
will generate ideas for you you have an
ai writing assistant that can help you
do anything while you are generating
content if you go here to examples and
go down here you can see here tldr
summarization let’s open it open and
playground look at this so you have this
paragraph or this piece of content when
you say here’s the ldr subnet it will
give you the summary of this paragraph
so you can paste your article and get
also a summary a conclusion and use it
in your article for free you have a lot
of frequents to use with open ai and by
the way almost all services use open ai
gpt 3 to generate content and soon i
will teach you how to build your own
tool that generates content based on
open ai so i think you have to turn on
notifications to get every new update
let’s now reveal other secrets but
before that before revealing the second
secret i want to tell you something
about ai content generator tools whether
you are using jasper premium services or
my free tools generate content please
memorize this ai content generators must
be used as a writing assistant and not
just generate copy and paste if you want
to be successful if you are building a
blogging business you have to use it as
an assistant and not just copy and paste
exactly the same words by the way you
can get these paragraphs go into text
article reviser also for free you can
paste it here and paraphrase the
paragraph and if you need something more
advanced you can go to this website
bot this is an ai paraphrasing tool so
you can paste here the text paraphrase
and it will give you a paraphrased
version of your paragraph based on ai
you can see also you can play with this
change the words then use this tweak it
in your own way and paste inside your
blog post but i believe the best way to
use content generators is not writing
articles for your main website it’s good
for affiliate articles like articles to
promote something it will help you craft
something fast to promote with paid ads
or maybe to write a tool description as
an example if you go here you can see
this is a tools website i built so let’s
say we go to the youtube keyword tool
you see we have full description here
about this tool you can use content
generators to write tool description in
a blogging used as assistant and not
copy and paste if you want to be
successful secret number two is when you
finish writing the article and post it
that’s not enough we need to rank it on
top of google to get free traffic how to
do this we need to optimize it for
google and this what you will learn in
this video step by
step watch it implement it and see how
you can get free traffic from google see
you later