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There is no denying that AI has changed our lives upside-down. Knowing that the content is king, bloggers tend to create awesome content for their blogs to increase their traffic.

With that said, the whole content creation journey is marred with hurdles. Thus, you need immense effort to seize the day.

Nonetheless, AI tools have made the seemingly difficult process of content creation much easier. Do you want to know how you can create striking content with AI tools?

Stick to the article as we have listed the three best AI tools you can use to hit the mark.

What is an AI content rewriting tool?

AI tools employ intelligent computer instructions to make your content creation process easier. The tools have strong algorithms to create content like humans.

The main idea behind AI is the make the machines enough intelligent to take the tasks from humans.

In the content industry, you have to generate text, videos, images, and even audios to meet the demands of your readers.

With the needs comes the invention. Thus, programmers have created certain tools that use NLP to create content.

NLP is called natural language processing. It is the science to develop the ability to understand human language for computers.

As we know computers are not much efficient at automatically generating results to our expectations. But, NLP vows to break this stigma for computers.

In NLP, the computer is first trained to accept the input as humans do. Then, developers develop its algorithms and logic so that the computer processes the input into the required form.

Linguistic programming is a branch of NLP where the machine generates text as humans. Till now there exist two types of NLP for text.

The first one is generating algorithms based on linguistic rules so that the machine produces correct and error-free writeups.

Second, you can train the machine through machine learning. It is a type of AI programming where you feed data into the machine and it gradually understands all the data and then produces real humanized content when needed.

How AI tools can help you in your content rewriting:

Content here means the text you write for your blog posts, social media posts, sales copies, emails, or anything that can generate sales and gets reads.

1. It Breaks writer’s block

Bloggers write content for the internet but they are sometimes stuck with writer’s block.

In such a situation they find it impossible to create anything of their own because ideas simply do not come to their mind with agility.

AI tools can help you come out of this problem and help you write the content of your own.

2. Generates plagiarism-free content

Plagiarism is the most common word, nowadays and every writer, whether he is a newbie or a maverick, faces this issue every time he writes something for the internet.

Since the bloggers have to create content at a fast speed to meet the demand, they fail to write unique content of their own.

Therefore, they can use these tools to solve their plagiarism issues and create matchless and exceptional content.

Best AI tools for content rewriting


This AI-based tool is the best one in the market. It works by taking your content and replacing its words with the exact synonyms to make it plagiarism-free.

Since as a blogger you are facing plagiarism issues, this tool appears to be the best option for you if you want unique content.

It’s AI algorithms fetches the right words to be used so bloggers can use it for any kind of content, be it blog posts, emails, or sales copy.

As it is based on NLP, you can use it to paraphrase a single sentence as well as complete articles.

A human-written content is always readable and easy to understand. So, this tool helps you create easy-to-understand content for your blog.

You can even rewrite your content in more than one language with this tool.


This tool is another online AI-based tool that creates unique content for you. This NLP rewriting tool changes sentence structures and synonyms of the text.

It has three different modes: fluency, standard and creative. In fluency mode, you can create seamless content as it sets your content grammatical mistakes.

The productivity increases as you move from fluency mode to creative mode. In creative mode, the application uses AI to make it plagiarism-free.

Owing to a wide range of languages, this tool helps you deliver a variety of content in less time.

Feel free to use this AI tool because it is very safe and secure. It protects your content from stealing.

3. AI Article Spinner

Among AI tools, this article spinner is the best one. It spins your article to make it plagiarism-free. You can easily change your copied content into unique text using this tool.

Bloggers and marketers want a tool with the least amount of money spent on it. So, this online AI tool is the best for them as it is free of cost. So, you can use it anytime and anywhere.

The free version has a word limit of 10,000 characters, however, the paid version has no word limit.

Every marketer needs unique content to market their content for their audience. Not every tool has the capability to give you marketing-oriented content.

This AI tool can provide you with attractive and read-worthy content.

Google’s abhors low-quality content and can even penalize you. Moreover, your readers also dislike plagiarized content.

You can use these tools to generate high-quality blogs that do not have plagiarism in them. We have mentioned three AI content creation tools for you. Check them and tell us how you felt using them.

These tools are much sought among plenty of paraphrases and article rewriters.

4. Online text editor

As you are doing academic writing, you need to edit your text to make it perfect. That’s you can use an online text editor to apply all the changes whenever you want it.

This important feature of online text editors makes them the best choice for students.

Value-added features

The best online notepads always provide the users the best experience so that they use them more often. That’s why some text editors have extra options to rephrase and check the plagiarism of your text.

Apart from that, some tools also provide the option to check your grammatical mistakes.

Free of cost

These tools help you create as many assignments as you can without any penny. Unlike conventional offline editors which come in different price ranges, these tools are free to use.

So, get a tool now and write your research papers and thesis on it.

Wrapping it up

As content writing comes from the content you write for the web, so it is specifically market-oriented.

However, content writing is related to your education. Your instructor may give you the guidelines to write your assignments and you have to strictly follow the guidelines of your teacher.

Failing that, you may fail to get the desired marks in your evaluation process. For academic writing, you need a text editor to write it down.

Online text editors are very much helpful in this matter because they have an upper hand on conventional writing mediums.

Above are some of the reasons why online note pads are important.


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