Using Medium As A Traffic Source

Medium Gets Over 200 Million Visits Per Month

Our thanks to Mick Meaney of Profit Copilot for another one of his fine and informative videos.

We like Mick’s style because he’s not like some of the marketers that are constantly trying to sell you something. Instead, he gives you solid and helpful information that you can use.

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200 Million Visitors: Get Traffic from Medium

Jan 1, 2021

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This is how to get traffic from Medium. Also; 30,000 website visitors every day: Plus I’m going to give you a few new ways to hack the algorithm so you can get way more exposure, with less effort. The great thing about this; you can send traffic to your website, AND affiliate links (really). But why would you want to use Medium anyway? It’s a massive platform that gets over 200 million visitors a month… not only can you publish original content but you can repurpose existing content too. That means you can publish on your own website, and then re-publish the exact same article on Medium. But what about duplicate content? Thankfully Medium adds a tag that gives credit to the original one, so Google should rank it first. This is the 10th module in a course I’m uploading to Youtube. Here are the previous modules. Part 1: Affiliate Marketing Without a Website… Part 2: The FAST WAY To Find Your Business Niche… Part 3: Profitable Way To Find Affiliate Products To Promote… Part 4: Easy Affiliate Keyword Research 2021… Part 5: Get Traffic to your Affiliate Links… Part 6: Get Traffic from Pinterest… Part 7: Drive Traffic to your Affiliate Links from Amazon Part 8: Get traffic fast from other websites Part 9: Free Traffic for Affiliate Marketing with Ebooks Part 10: Get Traffic from Medium Here’s another way to get more traffic… #webtraffic #medium #gettraffic ▶ Blog: Social Media:…


Tom Caldwell
Thank you for the awesome information. I am going to join Medium now and get started using the platform to send traffic to my optin form.

Steven Smith
Hi Mick. This module was in fact valuable too. I really appreciate the tips using this particular website. Thanks again!

Croma Campus
Thanks for sharing this medium guide really helpful.

Bianca G
Very good content, very helpful, happy new year Mick!

W. James Wright
As always great content …Happy New Year my friend

Aaron Kirk
Happy new year Mick! Great content as always. Good luck with all your affiliate marketing ventures in 2021. 🙂

Tom Caldwell Online
Mick, thank you for sharing this valuable information about Quick question, Do you suggest for driving traffic and if you do, do you have Quora training?
Andreas Olofsson
Happy new year Mick! Whising you the best for 2021. You talked about you were open the doors to a group coaching system. Im Very intressted in that, but I havnt heard any more info?

Firoz Khan
Happy new year sir

K.M. Dodd
How do you get YOUR traffic mostly today. I understand medium CAN get you some traffic but what are U getting in terms of traffic from this.